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Moocho is the leading mobile payments app for college students. With Moocho, students pay using any phone for healthy groceries, great restaurant meals, and other essentials around campus — racking up rewards every time — no wallet required.

Deposit any amount into their Moocho account. They'll get great food and rewards. And you'll have the peace of mind knowing they aren't going hungry.

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Free stuff you can earn!

Pay anywhere. earn rewards everywhere.

Moocho has a revolutionary Rewards System that saves dollars and makes sense. (Seriously, we’re not bragging — we’ve actually applied for a patent on it!) It allows students to earn amazing stuff like iPads and bikes, or get free food anywhere Moocho is accepted. That’s right — there are no restrictions about where you can redeem Mooches. It’s so simple, we seriously couldn’t believe no one else thought of it first.

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - wait, there is no 3!

  1. Earn a Mooch for every $5 spent using Moocho.
  2. Exchange Mooches for free stuff — from prizes to free food — anywhere Moocho is accepted, regardless of where you earned them.

We’ve got your campus covered

Moocho is accepted at nearly 50 merchants at every campus we service. That means grocery stores, coffee shops, bookstores, restaurants, and more. And we’re growing that community every day!

Logos of some of our merchants

Deals from some of our merchants

You’re kind of a big deal

That’s why Moocho has the biggest deals in town.

Moocho merchants are always offering students unbelievable new deals and discounts — no coupon required. Moocho’s simple technology allows merchants to create and announce deals almost instantly — delivered straight to a student’s phone. And all deals are applied automatically at checkout (aren’t smartphones, smart?). It’s convenient. It’s easy. It saves money. Isn’t it time to get Mooching?

So secure it’s like Fort Knox on your phone

Seriously. Your security and privacy are so important we actually developed a system so protected that we can actually say...

Moocho is more secure than your credit card

Yes, it’s true. No merchant ever sees your credit card information. They never see a number. They never see a card. The entire transaction is completely concealed, even from Moocho itself. All information is securely stored with, a Visa Company. And because students never have to carry a card, there’s no chance it can be lost, copied, or compromised.

Plus, aside from tracking your rewards, we never share any private information. We understand how critical this issue is. And we stand 100% behind our ability to keep you safe.

Moocho is secure!
100% Guarantee!

Every transaction guaranteed

There are no hidden fees or minimums. You are only charged for what you actually buy when you buy it. Gift amounts are credited to the student's balance immediately. Every Moocho transaction is guaranteed to be authorized and accurate, or we'll refund the full amount.