What is Moocho?

Moocho is a free app that lets you pay with your phone, while automatically getting discounts and earning rewards.

What happens if there’s a charge I didn’t authorize?

That shouldn’t happen, but we’ve got you covered if it does. Just let us know and we’ll remove the charge. Simple as that.

How do I get rewards?

When you pay with Moocho you automatically earn points (Mooches). You get 1 Mooch for every $5 you spend. Then you can trade your Mooches for a variety of rewards. Free groceries, food, movie tickets, an iPad, big screen tv, and more.

How do I pay with Moocho?

In the Moocho app, tap the logo for the store you’re at. Then tell the cashier you’d like them to charge your Moocho account. That’s it. They’ll confirm your name and ring you up. Our system automatically applies any discounts and credits and then charges the balance (if any) to the credit or debit card that’s linked to your Moocho account. There are never any fees or surcharges when you use Moocho.

Does Moocho work for delivery orders?

Yes. Use the app like normal and when you place your delivery order just let the store know you’re paying with Moocho.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes. Have your friends sign up with your referral code that’s located in the Moocho app. Then you’ll get $5 free on your Moocho account the first time they pay with Moocho. Your friends will also get $5 free for signing up with your referral code.

Do I need to be a student to use Moocho?

Moocho can be used by students, faculty, and staff -- as well as anyone else in the community.

What happens if a student doesn't use all the money I send as a gift?

Any unused balance from your meal plan deposit is fully refundable. Contact us any time and we will issue a refund for any unused portion of the balance. The credit will also remain on the recipient's account until it's used — so any remaining balance from one year will roll over to the next year. Please note that promotional credits such as "free $50" will be removed before a refund is issued.